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In traditional Indian lore, the role of a teacher is sacrosanct. It is said that the teacher is greater even than the Lord because a common man can only be shown the way to the lord by a teacher. In that sense, we at Prolite Autoglo can say that we, in our own small way, are fulfilling the role of a teacher in these times.


Prolite today, holds workshops and meetings to educate common people as well as seasoned professionals and intellectuals on safe exigency and apprise them on the rules framed under the NBC which makes it mandatory to have exigency tools like emergency lights and photoluminescent signs in place in any type of construction.  In specific cases, we send our team to assess the kind of construction and location and inform the person(s) concerned as to what all need to be fitted and where to ensure compliance and obtain licenses like Fire safety and similar ones and rest easy in the knowledge that all rules are complied with.


Finding the Lord can also be termed as "finding the way". At Prolite we actually help people find the right way. Like the way out quickly in cases of blackout or fire and smoke situations where seconds can decide life or death.


And that’s not all, today Prolite has made its robust presence felt in the realm of wayfinding. Digitalization and infrastructure building has changed the face of the world within a very short period. New environments are becoming increasingly urbanised and intricate, with a corresponding transformation in associated safety threats. The challenge today has multiplied, especially in locations where the proportion of visitors unfamiliar with layout and procedures are many. In highly-populated complex premises such as railway stations, shopping centres, airports, stadia, government buildings or leisure facilities, way finding signages and related products are a crying necessity. With Prolite’s wayfinding product range, any location can be equipped to global standards in terms of quality, quantity and efficiency.



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