They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. In one of the most notorious workplace tragedies, workspace obstructions and locked exit doors cost workers their lives. On March 25, 1911, in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, 146 factory workers died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. America’s oldest professional safety organization, the American Society of Safety Engineers (now the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)) was founded 6 months after the Triangle fire.


Three decades back, Prolite Autoglo was a small seed that decided to bring safety awareness among common people and not allow apathy and forgetfulness take root. Today, that has become a magnificent oak and to a large extent, spread the message and grabbed attention. But the nature of the threat has grown too and new challenges have emerged over the years. Awarded ‘The Most Innovative Product Company’, in the Fire India show, Prolite has till date, exported its world class products to over 33+ countries.


Why innovation? One may well ask. The answer would therefore be, that with the coming of urban concrete jungles, the building/construction industry has taken away from Mother Nature much more than what was ecologically permissible. Climate change was the direct result and the indirect result is the plethora of fire accidents and blackouts in difficult areas making quick and safe exits far more difficult.


Every summer, we see an escalation of fire accidents and grisly horror stories of death and destruction rule the news headlines. High rise fires, factory fires, blasts, blackouts and accidents of the kind continue to snowball.


Prolite’s innovative products like conversion kits for example, transform existing luminaire to perform in Emergency conditions by providing instant backup lighting when mains supply fails. Conversion kits are inconspicuous add-ons that can be part of an original lighting plan without disturbing the aesthetic of original decor.


Similarly, the LED step light illuminates staircases and takes safety to the next level. The infinite range and the sleek Elegante range are all examples of innovation to suit changing circumstances.

But then, from the perspective of the common people, it is important for them to learn WHY these products became necessary. Prolite’s various initiatives and efforts to educate and update people are a part of its work culture. Prolite participates regularly in seminars, exhibitions, conferences, fests and similar public platforms to spread the word and dwell upon gthe vital need to observe strictly, the norms aid down by NBC.


We call upon everyone to follow us and take advantage of our outreach because your life and those of others can be saved by that one small effort on your part if God forbid, you happen to fall victim to the next accident that is just waiting to happen. 


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