How to install Emergency Lights?

Emergency Lights should typically be installed by skilled, professional electricians. It’s a non-tedious and simple process. If to be installed on the wall, the lights just need to be plugged into the electrical socket. If to be installed on the ceiling, the wiring needs to be laid by the electrician.

What is the installation procedure for Autoglo Signages?

In the case of Autoglo Signages, there is a self-adhesive tape at its back; this tape needs to be pulled off, so that the Signage can be stuck onto the desired location. If the surface is rough, you need to drill holes into the edge of the Signage and fix the same with mirror screws.

How frequently do the lights have to be serviced or replaced? How long do they last?

There is no particular frequency to service the emergency lights. However, to ensure that they have an improved battery-life, it is advisable to fully discharge the light every 3 months. There is no such shelf-life, as well, since they have batteries installed in it.

For how long does the light work after full charging it?

How long the light works for after full charging it depends on the model and client’s configuration.

What is the guarantee and warranty? What are the ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s of Emergency Lights? How can the warranty be maintained? What all is covered under the warranty & guarantee?

The standard warranty period is of 6 months. There is no warranty for the lamp in it. Proper maintenance and efficient use will help to sustain the warranty of the product.

Do you provide a person for installation?

No, this service is not available with us, currently.

What is the AMC service? Do you take up AMC?

Yes, we do provide AMC service. That, however, is applicable only on exhaustion of the product’s warranty period.

Where to install Emergency Lights/Signages?

Emergency Lights/Signages should be installed at all places that are accessed by people. As per the National Building Code of India, 10% of the lighting in the premises should be Emergency Lights.

What is the difference between “Maintained”, “Non-maintained” and “Sustained”?

Maintained” lights work 24 x 7 i.e. they work when there is electricity, and also when there is no electricity.
“Non-Maintained” lights will be connected to the power supply but will remain off. Upon power failure, they automatically get switched on using the battery backup.
“Sustained” has two lamps. Both of them work when there is power. In case of a power failure, only one of them will automatically function while the other will shut down.

What certifications and licenses do Prolite Emergency Signage’s have?

We have ISO 9001:2015 certification; CE certification; Crisil Rating, and have also applied for URL Certification.

Do you provide spares and accessories?

Yes, we do provide spares and accessories.


How long does the glow last for?

We have got the DRDO Certification for 100 hours (Maximum) glow in total darkness.

How long do the Signage’s need to be exposed to the lights?

The Signages should be exposed to artificial or natural light. The duration of the glow depends on the duration of time that the Signage has been exposed to artificial or natural light.

What are the industry standards of Autoglo?

Autoglo maintains apt industry standards. These standards have been particularly specified in the ‘Standards & Codes’ section of the catalogue. Kindly refer to the same.

What is the guarantee and warranty?

The ‘Life’ of the rigid sheet (indoors) is 25 years, while that of the aluminum sheet (outdoors) is 5 to 7 years. The Warranty period is 1 year.

Do you provide a person for installation?

No, we do not provide persons for installation, but we can assist and guide you or the contractor regarding the installation.

What is the ARS 10000 sheet?

The ARS 10000 sheet is the 1 mm rigid PVC Sheet.

How is the AUTOGLO ARS 10000 sheet superior to other sheets available in the market?

The AUTOGLO ARS 10000 sheet is superior to other sheets available in the market since it has got a life of 10-15 years when used indoors; it is non-peelable and scratch proof, and can be easily be installed indoors.

Do you provide Autoglo raw material (i.e. sheets, ink, films, adhesive, aluminum sheets. etc.)?

Yes, we do provide these raw materials but it needs to fulfill the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

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