Evacuation Plan

Most of us are familiar with the adage “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. In any venture, proper planning at the initial stages itself goes a long way in cementing its success and durability too. The ‘raison d'être’ of PROLITE is to serve the cause of safety in both private and business locations. To prepare for unforeseen consequences and help save life and limb and also property and assets.


Prolite’s Autoglo series of signages as well as lighting solutions are popular for their quality and utility among our clientele and those who bond with us, stay with us. This is precisely because we not only guarantee the highest of standards in our product line but also ensure prompt after sales service.


On the subject of planning again, PROLITE has prepared a series of solutions for those areas which have multiple entries or exits and also those which cater to new people most of the time who may not be familiar with precise contours and ‘topography’ of the premises, so to speak.


For those who may not be aware, it is mandatory to install detailed evacuation plans in strategic locations in sprawling or complicated areas where it would be difficult for someone to quickly find convenient escape routes in case of fires or blackouts. Hotels, theatres, stadia or similar institutions and industries simply must install self illuminating evacuation plans to help unsuspecting victims who might get trapped in strange locations not knowing the nearest exit to escape in time when a calamity occurs.


Ignorance being bliss, many opt for paper plans to be put up so that they can claim that they have taken necessary steps and yet save money. This ‘penny wise pound foolish’ approach could prove costly because in pitch darkness or even semi darkness a paper plan will not be of any use at all. Besides, such situations often cause people to panic and only a clear and simple solution that hits them in the eye may actually help them and that is precisely what PROLITE offers in its evacuation plan signage.


Evacuation plans need to be purposeful and for that we would need to be provided with the floor plan of the said premises in AUTOCAD format. Based on this, we could prepare and produce the illuminated maps which would light up brightly in case of power failure or even pitch darkness and provide a simple and clear roadmap of the premises for people to follow and proceed swiftly to safety. These plans could be in Flexyle sheetRigid sheet orAluminium as desired by the client. We could also provide transparent plastic coating or cover to the plans to protect and preserve them in the longer term.

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