Change is, and has always been a constant… that we all know. However, recent changes globally are a little different.

Earlier changing fashions, changing lifestyles, changing behavior patterns etc. did not force us to adapt. We had the choice to embrace the change or reject it and live on as we chose to earlier. So, if everyone wore bell bottoms we still had the choice to wear drainpipes or if everyone chose to shorten their prayer to save time we still had the option to continue the longer prayer practice anyway. But this is not so now.

Today, you HAVE to wear a mask to save your life or to avoid a fine. You have to go digital in your transactions because banks, selling and buying avenues and so many more transactional systems have changed so much that the old style even if theoretically possible becomes practically unviable.

PROLITE is a 35 plus year old company and we have seen changes in the safety business too, like in any other vocation or profession. There was a time when CC TV cameras or digital security tools as we have today were unreal and stuff of science fiction. But even then there were lights and there were signs. These are not negotiable in the safety business even to this day.

In case of say, a fire in an enclosed place it is still the fire alarm, the extinguisher, the sprinkler, the emergency light and the glow sign that can save you by buying time or by guiding you out. None of these are ‘digital’ as we understand the term.

But, what has changed are the methods of communication for one, and we at Prolite have embraced that. Today, we have our presence in social media in a big way. We carry the message of safety and encourage people to contact us for safety trainings, webinars, VR  and tutorials, consultancy in best safety protocols for enclosed spaces-which we provide absolutely free of cost, and almost every bit of information or guidance that one may need to be safe and secure at all times in conformity with existing laws and norms as per the NBC.

Prolite is a mission and that mission goes on. Today, with the Covid threat Prolite’s covid specific signage range is hugely in demand. Everyone, every business house, private residence every godown, clinic, office or shop needs suitable signs to guide and instruct people on safety from the virus today. Prolite can provide photoluminescent or reflective or even ordinary signs for all requirements, locations and purposes.

If you are not in touch with us already, please feel free to do it now. After all, we are just fingertips away. That’s what going digital is all about anyway, isn’t it?

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