What are the qualities to seek in emergency lighting for any enclosed space? This is not a product that is sold off shelves or endorsed by celebrities. It is not a fashion statement or a status symbol. It is a priceless product that can save lives in an extreme situation to facilitate quick escape, such as in a fire situation where people trapped inside a premise need CLEAR visibility to find the nearest exit.


Emergency lighting is battery powered lighting which will switch on and illuminate when the power is cut from the mains. There are two main types of emergency lighting: (i) emergency escape lighting; (ii) standby lighting. Lumens measure lamp intensity.


Some emergency lights or exit signs have a small “push to test” button somewhere on the casing. You can push and hold this button for thirty seconds to test the bulbs and battery. This works ok if you have a small number of devices that can be easily reached. Red lights indicate that the light is in battery charging. Green means it is external power supplying. Sometimes it could be orange. That means something wrong with it.


There are a variety of different types of emergency lights which are not “one size fits all” solutions for sure. A familiar type of emergency lighting is the illuminated exit sign which light up to show you where the exits are in case of power failure or blackout. There are also various types of fire signages that can be illuminated using emergency lighting.


In exit lights, we have a multi light where the light is fitted with two non-maintained high intensity lights so that in times of power failure, when the exit light emits just enough to make it visible, the non-maintained ones come on and light up the pathway to the exit also.


Prolite is popular and cherished by its patrons because some of its products are designed to serve several purposes at one time. This is the result of R&D based on assessments of realities and possible situations where multiple solutions are the need. Sometimes, a product is good by itself but it murders the ambience. Hence Prolite excels in the art of creating aesthetically appealing products that add to the beauty of an environment while showing the way. Prolite’s curved emergency/exit light (fig. 1) has a neat symmetrical curved shape that will fit neatly into any décor or surroundings without spoiling the look of the place while guiding people to exit in quick time if such a crisis happens.


Square Emergency/Exit Light (fig.2) is a multi-facia exit light that shows the way to people coming from different sides while the emergency light below lights up the floor at the same time. It can have 2,3 or even 4 facias if the situation/location so demands. So technically, it alone serves the purpose of two or three separate signs that show the way to people coming from different directions with an emergency light thrown in too.


Prolite Autoglo Ltd. is today not just preferred above others because of the quality of its product ranges but also because, primarily its products conform to the specifications of any authorized body for installation in any given premises and secondly, our experts are trained to assess any construction from the diagram stage itself to provide accurate and pinpointed consultancy on all counts as to quality, size and placement. So, we are there from the pre-natal stage to the stage of pubescence so to speak, in any building / construction. We tell you and sell you what you need to buy and we also tell you where they are to be installed. After that, we also advise and assist in maintenance and upkeep of the signages and lightings. With Prolite, all we ask is contact us well in time. Thereafter all your worries are actually ours and you can rest easy. 



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