There have been phenomenal advances in technologies across sectors. Be it infrastructure, communications, finance and banking or even cinema and entertainment, the whole face seems to have changed in quick time. But as they say, the more things change, the more they remain the same, switch on any news channel early in the morning and there will be at least one news of a fire somewhere killing some, injuring some, destroying property and causing losses. And that mind you, is only the one reported and actually revealed. So many fires are happening in areas around us that the sheer frequency could be scary. Why has such fantastic advancement in detection, prevention and post-accident remedies failed to bring down the sheer numbers of such incidents to actually make a difference?


Cynical as it may sound, the reason is in the inherent greed of a few and the tardiness and laziness of each one of us that has caused this. Technology gives you real time intelligence and advanced equipment to deal with accidental fires but fires spread fast and ignorance helps them along. If you think buying a fire extinguisher is the beginning and end of fire safety preparedness it is your ignorance that could kill you if the unthinkable happens. When darkness strikes, the fire extinguisher becomes invisible and the fire will probably reach it before you. It is therefore important to have an emergency light and/or a photoluminescent sign that will make the extinguisher visible to the naked eye from a distance so someone can run and grab it to extinguish the flames.


The fact that fire has not reached your posterior anytime earlier, you live in the notion that fires happen to others and it will not ever happen to you. Unfortunately, those who have died, got maimed for life or lost all their earthly belongings to fire accidents thought exactly like you. Fire drills, staff training, emergency lights, photoluminescent signages all constitute comprehensive fire safety protocols that all kinds of premises commercial or private need. Half done is wholly undone because fire does not spare ignorance or laxity. It destroys, burns and kills without giving much time.


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