What you don’t know cannot hurt you? Absolutely wrong - it can probably kill you…..

Accidents happen without warning, they don’t allow time. Sometimes, even seconds. No amount of skills and intelligence can save you from a Tsunami, a building collapse, a fire situation or a cylinder blast if you happen to be within the ambit of destruction. None of this is anything you did not know or do not know. But all of this is something you never took seriously because you somehow believed it would not and could not happen to YOU.

Today, you pick up the newspaper or turn on your TV set as you wake up to your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning and you learn about fires, bushfires, terror attacks, accidental pile ups on the road and so much bad news happening here and there. But all these are scraps of information as per the knowledge of the media channels in question and what news they choose to prioritize. They are the tip of a huge iceberg you really know little about.

If you use the powerful Google and seek information on various mishaps and accidents in your town, city, country or even the world, the sheer numbers of deaths and magnitude of devastation that has taken place even as you are reading this, would probably give you a jolt.

 In 2018, there were some 10,300 fatalities reported caused by natural disaster events worldwide. The earthquake and resulting tsunami in Indonesia was the most deadly catastrophe in 2018 with 2,256 reported deaths. Hydrological events, such as floods, have affected the largest number of people in the last decade. 2019 was ranked among the ten most expensive disaster years. In the previous year, global economic losses from natural disasters totalled 66 billion U.S. dollars. But that is just recorded official data on NATURAL disasters which may be indicative at best, but hugely inaccurate. It does not include all the people who died in building crashes or collapsing bridges in your city or the poor family that got trapped in a fire accident in their home and perished because they could not get out in time or the vehicle that caught fire or fell into a ditch and killed some people. Ultimately it just becomes a set of numbers for us and we turn the page. The poor guy or girl who lost his or her life that day probably did the same that very fateful morning never imagining that he or she would not see the night through or worse, live the rest of a miserable life as a cripple.

Am I trying to scare you? But of course I am. Reality can be much scarier than those horror flicks that we watch with a bag of popcorn in our laps. Ask your friend in the fire department or the police department to describe the worst they have seen or experienced and you would probably believe ‘The Omen’ is a cartoon film. Dracula can at best suck out one life in five minutes but a disaster can take out a town in a second and level it to the ground-Humans, animals, insects included.


Evacsafe was conceived with the prime objective of firstly, educating and training people to prevent accidents and secondly to deal quickly, correctly and effectively with the situation if an accident occurs. The mission of Evacsafe is firstly, to carry the message of safety to common people, employers, employees, organizers, community leaders and almost anyone who cares to learn. And, secondly to offer solutions, train and equip people to be ready for any emergency anytime.

At Evacsafe we carry out professional safety training including expert advice on safety paraphernalia and systems for any given location or premises conforming to the laws, rules and regulations applicable there. We help conduct safety drills and training for management and staff at offices, godowns, warehouses, malls, multiplexes, housing colonies and sensitive installations such as refineries, offshore locations, chemical factories and the like.

Believe me, you need us much more than we need you-for your own good.

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