The popular caped hero Batman is a well-known figure for people of all ages. When technology was not half as advanced as now, the beacon light calling Batman to arms in the skyline of Gotham city is too well known.

Cut to today, and the same principle can be seen in the cylindrical emergency light which beams an arrow down on the floor from a height to direct people to safety in an exigency situation where darkness and smoke hampers vision. The light is focused in the downward direction just as the Bat signal, which in the fictional tale is focused in the upward direction towards the sky. 

New direction identifier wall washer emergency light from Prolite illuminates a vertical surface with uniform brightness. Wall washer light draws attention to the wall, and can be used to accentuate an entrance, fireplace, a safety device, a sign or artwork. The light reflected from matte surface walls can make a room appear bright and will provide a soft, diffuse light in the room. They are called “washers” as they bathe an area with light. Emergency wall washer lights from Prolite are geared to come alive when the power fails and allow visibility of specific objects on the targeted wall.


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