We always lamented that

We always lamented that very few people took safety as seriously as warranted. As pioneers in the business of saving lives, Prolite was pretty clear in its vision. Our vision and mission encompasses both aspects of training and educating common people about correct observance of safety protocols and thumb rules and providing them with the best tools to ensure maximum safety.

The most common threat, statistically speaking, is the threat of fire accidents trapping people in enclosed spaces. This threat is not confined to any specific industry or trade but extends across the board from residential to commercial structures. In terms of sheer numbers, maximum needless deaths occur because people get caught in a fire accident and cannot exit the premises in time. Prolite today, boasts the maximum number (variety) of safety signs available manufactured by any single company in both the photoluminescent and non-photoluminescent categories. And the list continues to grow with newer threats and concerns that come with changing times.  This is one reason our global outreach has extended to the far corners of the earth.

But Covid-19 pandemic has made our task much more difficult. Never had we concentrated so intently on germ warfare in the past. We manufacture a limited range of signages meant for hospitals and nursing homes where the risk of infection is maximum. Similarly we have a limited range of signages meant for chemical godowns or factories to warn against gas leakages or similar unseen threats connected to that industry.

But now we have come up with our new range of Corona-related safety signages and the demand is humongous for obvious reasons. The danger is too real and too close to each one of us. The fire emergency threat has suddenly been relegated to a distant second place to Covid-19. On the one hand we need to protect ourselves and our staff from the pandemic, observe social distancing and related protocols while at the same time we need to manufacture and provide safety signages to people to help alert them and caution them on the threats of corona infection.

We are already on the job and our new corona signage range is already out. For more details, please feel free to contact us anytime.


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