Those who have seen Bollywood movies down the years, may have observed many stories and plots got a twist from someone slipping and falling off stairs. Pregnant lady losing the child, hero losing his step to lose his eyesight or memory and tripping on a staircase again, often the same one, to get it all back again. So, it is a known fact that a staircase can be injurious to anyone’s health anytime. Skidding and slipping on the staircase unfortunately, is a common phenomenon and can be fatal.


Prolite, the unchallenged leader in safe exigency and escape route solutions, has devised a product range to make the staircase a safer option and a better one too. Staircase Nosing is an all-purpose stair safety product which provides a finely corrugated and serrated surface to avoid skidding and a photoluminescent band to light up the steps in pitch darkness.  This nosing can cover the periphery of the step end-to-end and give it a metal cover so that it cannot break either at the edges or anywhere along the periphery.


In darkness or poor light, the staircase will stand illuminated all along, covering the length and breadth of each step to outline the steps and allow easy movement in zero visibility.


An all-encompassing Illumination and fall safety solution which only Prolite’s stair safety product range provides can be a disaster manager’s pride and a film makers envy for sure. After Prolite’s Staircase nosing is installed, the story cannot have a twist and the hero or the pregnant women or any character who has to suffer a fall will have to look for another staircase.



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