Supreme Court alleged the Noida Authority and Supertech had engaged in nefarious complicity and so the buildings which are even taller than Qutub Minar, will be razed to the ground on 28 August in pursuance of a Supreme Court order.

Even as I write, India is geared to conduct a massive controlled explosion to bring down the Twin Towers high-rise in Noida. The Noida twin towers are being demolished because of serious violations of building codes. It is the first ever demolition on this scale ever attempted. SC has ordered the company to demolish the buildings at its own expense under the guidance of the Noida Authority.

On this Sunday, at least 3,700 kilos of explosives would be used to destroy them. The explosive wire connections, which have been installed on every floor, will be completed within the next two to three days. Over the previous two weeks, explosives had been planted in the Twin Towers. It will take only 9 seconds to finish the job. The Supreme Court's decision was the result of a number of petitions submitted by homebuyers in support of and opposition to the Allahabad High Court's ruling. 



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