It is human nature to fear that which it cannot interpret, understand or decode. The existence of ghosts for example, remains a very real fear among many because science has not quite succeeded in either ratifying it or debunking it altogether. Therefore, if something goes ‘bump’ in the night it can be a-a thief or b- a ghost. And we all wish it is the former.

Corona remains an enigma today because it has made its place in the ‘twilight zone’ so to speak. Today, we have entered 2021 but if you go to 3 different doctors-no matter how highly placed or knowledgable in their respective areas of expertise, and spend one hour discussing the pandemic at length one-on-one with them you will come back so confused that you will probably need to go into rehab to regain your sanity.

The fact we know for sure 100% is that it is a Virus. The fact that we know about 70% is that it is of Chinese origin. The fact we know 60 % is that it is probably on its way out here in India. The fact we also know about 70% is that there is a vaccine on the way that might eradicate it altogether and that it will end the pandemic by and by. But there is an ‘X’ factor of a variant that seems to have emerged that could throw a spanner in the works even now.

If you read the last paragraph you will realise that taken together, we still remain hugely ignorant as to which way the worm will turn this year.

If you may remember, when the pandemic was at its height and some countries had problems finding grave space to bury the dead at least one qualified doctor came on social media openly offering 1 lakh rupees or something like that, to anyone who could disprove his notion that there was no such thing as pandemic because Corona was just another common cold virus and nothing else and that the hysteria was a media creation by some pharma companies to sell their pills. And if you think that that was a ridiculous claim be sure that till date I have not come across one person either having earned that 1 lakh or having proved that doctor wrong beyond doubt. In fact, a spooked world spend 2020 indoors with industry in standstill and mankind in virtual ‘statue’ mode wating to exhale only as and when the virus runs its course and disappears. Santizing hands, wearing masks and moving only when absolutely unavoidable, had become the way of life across the globe.

We enter 2021 with only one real thing-hope. We hope that the pandemic is calendar restricted to 2020 and that it is behind us. That hope is required for us all to get back to business but then, is that hope real? I remember a film scene, maybe you too can recall that scene, where a group of murdering villains enter a house where a young girl is hidden in a cupboard or a crevice somewhere inside breathing softly, scared and tense, as the villains look around trying to find her and put her to death. They look around under beds, in corners in crevices desperately but somehow finally fail to find her. As she peeks from a small crack she sees them finally gather and decide that no one was home and slowly leave the house. The girl waits a few moments and then she opens the cupboard producing that eerie creaking sound of the hinges and she crawls out ever so slowly. She gets up in slow motion and tip toes to the main door. Are they gone? Is she safe? She slowly puts her eye to the peephole and……

Happy New Year.


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