If you wanted to buy a house and an agent showed you a great flat in a great location you would be excited surely. However, you would like to see the premises from the inside before taking a decision. You would therefore proceed into the flat but what do you see? You see that the roof is supported by rotting beams of wood and misshapen logs. Therefore, the question would be- will you do the deal?

A stupid question you would agree. I mean who in his right mind would buy a house prone to accident at any moment? But then, is the danger that is visible to the naked eye any less or more threatening than one that may not be quite that obvious?

Today, we have the example of corona. No one can see it, no one can sense it and yet, it can kill you anytime. If you juxtapose that logic on a premises which is not equipped with proper exigency tools to guide people out swiftly in case of accidental fire, or blackout or arson or any similar accident it would be much like buying that flat we spoke about. That is why the NBC specifies certain guidelines to ensure exigency protocols are in place all the time in any enclosed premises. This means that the law mandates proper safety paraphernalia such as emergency lights, photoluminescent signages, fire extinguishers and several others.  This also means that if these laws are not complied with, everyone right down from the builder, house owner or even the inhabitants themselves could face prosecution resulting in fines and imprisonment.

So it doesn’t take an Einstein to be a smart home buyer or an office buyer or a shop buyer, if you will. All it takes is a little bit of common sense. A stitch in time, as they say, still saves nine.


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