Of the five senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste the first, rightly, is the sense of sight. Without vision, all the skills and strengths of the human being are rendered practically useless. Robberies, murders, burglaries and all sorts of crimes are mostly committed under cover of darkness. Evil itself, is often described as darkness. Therefore, man must protect his visibility at all times to be alerted of impending danger in time and take evasive or defensive action as warranted.


In case of fire or electric failure, it is the sense of sight that gets impaired due to darkness or smoke, or both. No matter how young, agile or strong you may be, you are about the same as a doddering blind aged man trying to escape sure death in a matter of seconds. If one were to scrutinize the loss of life and limb that have occurred down history due to fire accidents or blackouts in enclosed spaces, it becomes clear that two factors, panic and blindness are the causes.


Prolite Autoglo’s very philosophy is to rekindle sight in such desperate moments so as to enable quick and effective easy escape when darkness takes over. Emergency lights get vision back in a jiffy while bright photoluminescent directional signs and markers actually show the nearest exit route to those caught in the trap. There can be no mission and no effort nobler than this in such situations and Prolite strives to be in the forefront in saving precious lives. You see, we make sure you see even when you can’t.


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