We are at an age when technology and digitalization is rendering many things obsolete. Typewriters died long back, so did floppy discs, pagers and gigantic jukeboxes..

But even today the humble signboard refuses to let technology get ahead and remains the one and only instant, effective mass communication medium winning hands down against all others. Ever wonder why? Because digitalization cannot compete against human ignorance.

 So ‘KEEP OFF THE GRASS’ ‘DANGER 440 VOLTS’ AND ‘TRESSPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED’ wins hands down when you need to tell a jaywalker where he needs to get off. Human ignorance is a quirky phenomenon which even Google cannot explain.

Prolite Autoglo actually realized some 35 years back that signs are here to stay, at least till the dinosaurs return, and so we created all kinds of signs to keep in step with lightning advances in communication. The paper sign, the wooden sign, the metal sign, the photoluminescent sign, the photoreflective sign and the embedded backlit sign – we made it all. Signs have evolved too so technology shook hands and made peace with the humble signboard and at Prolite both formed a partnership that is as unbeatable as Brazil is against Fiji in a football match. I mean let’s face it we may be seeing heart transplant and stem cell therapy but when you cut your finger while chopping onions you still rush for the Band Aid.


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