There can be no simpler, easier or more direct method of hammering in an important message than through a sign. Ever since one cares to remember, the use of clear and distinct signs has been an omnipresent feature in the evolution of intelligent mankind. Some of the first images that come to mind when we talk of signs could be “Keep Off The Grass”, ‘‘No Entry’’, “For Sale” or perhaps “Beware of Dog”.

But then like everything else, signs too have come of age. As the centuries rolled we graduated from painted signs to lighted ones. Neon signs and then Photoluminescent signs that glow in the dark in the absence of any immediate power source.

It is interesting to note that despite the phenomenal changes in lifestyle and modernization the concept of signs refuses to become obsolete. In fact, despite so many avenues of lightning communication now available in our palms the humble sign gains in popularity and becomes more important than ever before.

Prolite had probably seen the ‘signs’ more than 30 years back and today, leads the pack in manufacture and distribution of signages in the country and has even struck new roots abroad.  Prolite’s signages include every possible message one can think of that needed to be put in print. From Exit signs to Cautionary signs to Informative and Educative ones, Prolite has gone there and done that.

Today we are in a new and dangerous age-the Covid-19 age. And ironically, the age old concept of signs has suddenly become the central and most important method of communication with the masses to apprise the people and caution them at every step about the need to keep themselves and others safe from the deadly invisible virus.

We all have seen, by now, buildings, structures and even compounds with large and scary signs asking people to stay off because of the Covid-19 infection that could be lurking within. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. In public places or in areas where people may come and go for any reason, every person could be a potential carrier and hence the need to hand sanitize at every step, wear masks and/or gloves. Prolite has unleashed a whole new range of cautionary signs meant for homes, hospitals, public places, malls or shopping complexes and the rest. The signs may be photoluminescent meant for locations with little or no light, or non-photoluminescent.

Prolite understands that there would be the need for different horses for different courses and hence it creates and modifies messages for its clientele so that you can tweak your message to suit your specific need or address your specific target audience. Prolite’s signages could be in different sizes, glowing or non-glowing, different colors and combinations and on different material depending on the need. For those who need clarity, Prolite also helps educate its clients and advise them on the perfect solution for their requirements.

Keep yourselves safe, your friends and relatives safe or even perfect strangers safe with Prolite’s new range of Covid-19 signages. As we always say-We don’t take it lightly.


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