“As it is summer, the temperature is high and there are chances of fire accidents. Therefore, steps should be taken to regularly dispose of flammable material like grass, rexin, sponge and garbage in all bus depots, workshops, bus stands and other places,” said The North-West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation managing director, S Bharat, when he visited a regional workshop where a fire accident had recently happened.

Fire safety involves prevention steps first and in case that fails, escape methods to save lives and limbs. If you are in any enclosed space, be it a business establishment or a private home or housing complex, you need to ensure that necessary and mandatory tools such as extinguishers, alarm systems, emergency lighting and suitable photoluminescent route markers and signs are installed and in working order 24x7 in case an unexpected fire accident or blackout happens. In fact, the NBC mandates that this is done quite clearly.

Besides that, staff training about use of fire safety tools and first response protocols is also a very necessary part of effective fire safety and prevention. Fire brigade holds regular sessions to train common people about these things and it would be a great idea for anyone and everyone to connect with your nearest office and learn about and attend such sessions. 


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