There can be no building without a staircase and the lift or escalator can only be but another option. Many people prefer to use the stairs for exercise and many because it just comes naturally. But most importantly, in case of a fire situation there is a strict and clear warning to use the stairs only and not the lift.


But on the flip side, stairs have historically proved major killers or injurers too. Those who follow Bollywood movies, many stories and plots got a twist from someone falling off stairs. Pregnant lady losing the child, hero losing his step to lose his eyesight or memory by the fall and tripping on a staircase again, often the same one, to get it all back.


Prolite, the unchallenged entity in safe exigency and escape route solutions, has a product designed to make the staircase a safer option and a better one too when it comes to ascending or descending. Staircase Nosing is a multipurpose product from the house of Prolite. This product provides a finely corrugated and serrated surface to avoid skidding and a photoluminescent band to light up the steps in pitch darkness.  This nosing can cover the periphery of the step end-to-end and give it a metal cover so that it cannot break either at the edges or anywhere along the periphery.


In darkness or poor light, the staircase all along, will stand illuminated along the length and breadth to outline the steps and allow easy movement in zero visibility. In case of crowds or multiple travellers, the casing will protect them from slipping or skidding while running down or up. Not many buildings unfortunately, use this product, mostly because they may not know about it. But it can be an invaluable asset and indeed, a lifesaver, once installed.


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