Prolite is in the business of warning and cautioning via its humongous range of photoluminescent and other kinds of signages. If you have a danger, we have a sign and even if we don’t we can make it to order.

Danger is adept at shifting goal posts and so as a safety sign market leader, we need to adapt too. But the subject today is visible and invisible danger. There are visible dangers or situations that need signage reminders such as “Caution:Hairpin bend ahead” or “keep off the grass”. Then there Are invisible dangers like radiation risk or virus alert. Here the danger is invisible and so the sign becomes all important. With the coming of the covid age the urgent need for a whole new range of signages became obvious. Prolite, as usual, was on the ball and when the whole world was in lockdown our backrooms were busy designing and creating our covid signage range.

The covid safety signage range has everything for hospitals, offices, public places, stairways, private housing, godowns, showrooms and every other place where humans walk. Warnings to wear protective gear, sanitize hands, get mediations or vaccinations etc. etc.

For darker locations, The ‘glow’ sign becomes important and for well lit locations, the normal one will do. At Prolite, we have all sizes, all types and all shapes.

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