Power demand in the country touched an all-time high and crossed the 200 GW mark on Wednesday, 7th July amid many states witnessing high temperatures due to delayed monsoon, and easing of coronavirus-related restrictions.

As we all know, the cost of electricity is high for the consumer and also, it is a part of prudent social behaviour to save resources like power. PROLITE has always been particular in ensuring that its products are low consuming and economical in use. Our quality control tests also factor in this vital aspect.

Emergency lights and strategically installed photoluminescent signs are not optional but mandatory in enclosed spaces under the NBC. PROLITE ensures all its products are manufactured to the standards prescribed by NBC and also offers free consultancy to its clients about what to buy, where to fit and how to use. That way, the client does not need to buy unnecessary stuff while at the same time, the client is advised on the finer points of installation and placement and so, is never in violation of the rules and laws framed under the NBC.

Fire accidents are not as uncommon as we may like to believe, they are happening all the time somewhere or the other. Routinely, many prestigious and populated locations like Covid hospitals, or offices, factories, godowns, highrises etc. catch fire and take lives and property in bulk. The only way one can protect oneself, is by being prepared with all the safety paraphernalia in place, in working condition and visible in darkness. PROLITE plays a big role in ensuring this and that is why PROLITE remains market leader in the business of safe exit-also known as safe exigency - protocols.

PROLITE sees what you cannot see, knows what you do not know, and anticipates what you perhaps cannot even imagine, should your premises catch fire, God forbid. PROLITE routinely conducts safety related programs for common people as well as professionals like architects, builders, developers, shop owners and so many more. Please feel free to contact us in case you wish to participate or attend safety awareness programs in your area or nearest location. Knowledge is strength, knowledge is confidence and knowledge can be a life saver if, God forbid, you or anyone close to you, is in a fire disaster situation where minutes stand between life and death.  

Call us because it is our business to help, more than our business to sell.


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