Many lives are lost, much property destroyed and families and communities shattered due to disasters and fire accidents on a daily basis even today. Disasters have always been there to happen. Because no one can predict the next moment. However, there can be no excuse for not taking basic precautions and erecting protective firewalls wherever necessary.

There is a global fraternity of disaster management experts and trainers working-often selflessly- to make people aware of their duties as citizens to observe basic safety norms and rules to protect against unforeseen accidents. Yet how many of us are civic minded enough to go to them and learn?

The first easy stop is your fire fighting department. Do you know that the fire department in your area or vicinity conducts periodic training programs of various kinds for common people? It is part of their job. But how many of us find time to go to them, find out and attend or take part in those programs?

You have put years and good money to put up a store or office with the best amenities and breathtaking ambience. But you have not bothered to even install emergency lights, exigency signages or fire extinguishers which are mandatory to secure a fire safety license. You have probably paid off the inspector or not even bothered to get the license as you were looking at the money you saved in not adding these unnecessary things. But do you realize that you have been penny wise pound foolish to the hilt?

In case of random inspection your premises could be sealed and you could be fined heavily or even jailed for neglecting fire safety and running an establishment. The costs, even in case no fire or blackout takes place would be much higher for you. The negative publicity alone would kill your goodwill among your clients/customers. And heaven forbid, if there IS a fire you may kiss your enterprise and probably the rest of your business life goodbye. … If you survive the blaze that is.


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