It is too well known that emergency lights and photoluminescent signs are at the heart of any fire safety program at the prevention stage, and that these are mandatory as per NBC. However, the devil as always, is in the details. What are the kind of products in terms of size, longevity, shape and utility and more importantly, what are the exact points these are to be installed in any given premises is a challenge.


It is obvious therefore, that just buying the products off any shelf is futile if you don’t know these vital facts in advance. In most cases, one goes by precedent but that too is not applicable because the size, shape, and topography of any building / construction is hardly identical to other existing or planned premises. Therefore, the entire exercise has to be done for each distinct building or construction by experts every time.


Prolite Autoglo Ltd. is today not just preferred above others because of the quality of its product ranges but also because, primarily its products conform to the specifications of any authorized body for installation in any given premises and secondly, our experts are trained to assess any construction from the diagram stage itself to provide accurate and pinpointed consultancy on all counts as to quality, size and placement. So, we are there from the pre-natal stage to the stage of pubescence so to speak, in any building / construction. We tell you and sell you what you need to buy and we also tell you where they are to be installed. After that, we also advise and assist in maintenance and upkeep of the signages and lightings. With Prolite, all we ask is contact us well in time. Thereafter all your worries are actually ours and you can rest easy. 



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