Purpose and utility of safe evacuation paraphernalia

Before the message of safe evacuation from enclosed premises is delivered and communicated to the common people, the intricacies of correct usage of safety implements like fire extinguishers, alarms, PPE etc. as well as placement, management and maintenance of safety signs and emergency lights-which are the key visual implements in safe evacuation - must be very clear to staff, management and seniors at the highest levels in any corporate structure.  Without that, the best of education given to common people in basics may be of little use to them in a fire emergency or a blackout where seconds can decide whether you live or die.

In case of buildings, high rises, malls, hotels, hospitals etc. the responsibility of the security structure personnel gets tougher because the risks are greater, the areas larger and footfalls from people unfamiliar with the area are much more.…...HENCE THIS MANUAL

Besides safety training programs, drills etc. undertaken for the benefit of the management or people in responsible positions, updating them about changes and variations in threat perceptions as well as changes and variations in the rules and laws of the land concerned is vital. Evacuation safety is never static and the poor old dog HAS to learn new tricks all the time.

Today, technology is the buzzword in industry and it’s the same thing when it comes to safety paraphernalia. Emergency lights and photoluminescent signs too have evolved greatly over the years and this will be clear when one carefully goes through the photographs and product utility information contained elsewhere in this publication.

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