Everything has changed. The way we work, the way we play and even the way we think. In this digital age, the generation gone by has been replaced by a generation that hasn’t seen erstwhile common features like long queues at bank counters, long walks to school or to work due to unavailability of transportation or road infrastructure.  But some things never change. To this day the most effective and easy mass communication device in any given location is the humble signboard or the street sign or the picket sign. Most definitely the painted or scribbled sign has been largely replaced by digital or photoluminescent signages as technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Be it the humble ‘Caution hairpin turn ahead’ or the ‘Exit’ sign in theatres or auditoriums, every kind of sign has learnt to adapt to newer situations and challenges.


Prolite Autoglo can rightfully claim to have the most varied and voluminous collection of signages in its portfolio today. Also, Prolite has kept not just in step with changes over the last 3 decades, but actually gone ahead of others in innovating and creating new trends in signages. Prolite’s wayfinding range for example, is a first in the sense that it does not fit into the exigency signage straight jacket, an area where Prolite is a market leader in its own right. Be it Airports, sports complexes, housing societies, hospital compounds, bus stations or other bustling public places way finding is extremely important not just in saving time, but also in saving lives such as in the case of hospitals or nursing homes.


Signages are the lifeblood of city infrastructure and when you say signage, say Prolite in the same breath. That way you are sure you get the best.



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