There are many types of wayfinding signs like floor plans, area maps, location information of utilities, building directories, street signs, and general directional signs. In massive and complicated areas like multiplexes, shopping malls, stadiums, airports, bus stations, subways etc. finding the toilet, the ticket window, the cafeteria or the medicine store can be a very frustrating and tiring exercise. Senior citizens and people with disabilities need hand holding guidance to move around in these places and while wayfinding signs are a boon for everyone, they can prove invaluable for them.


Prolite Autoglo Ltd. understood this and created a comprehensive portfolio in wayfinding including simple signs, photoluminescent signs as well as lighting solutions for easy movement in such locations.  Conforming to international standards and having the versatility to suit all situations and locations Prolite’s wayfinding range covers all kinds of needs. ‘Made to order’ is another name for Prolite whereby client-specific requirements are also fulfilled by the company. Exclusive and focused lighting and signage creations are USP’s of the company and over the years, the increasing numbers of committed customers of Prolite stand testimony of this.


Prolite Autoglo is an undisputed leader in exigency and escape route products but today, the company has stepped out of enclosed spaces and made a thundering entry in the wayfinding segment.


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