Prolite's Success Story

Harsha Joshi was not born with the proverbial ‘silver spoon’ in the mouth. He began humbly at the bottom of the heap and gradually worked himself up to become CEO of an enterprise that can be counted among global market leaders in the field of emergency and egress lighting solutions and signages. Few entrepreneurs can boast such a meteoric rise by dint of sheer determination, self belief and entrepreneurial acumen.

The success story of PROLITE began way back in 1984 and PROLITE AUTOGLO as it is known as today, has since grown to become an ISO 9000:2000 certified company with CRISIL rating. PROLITE today, has its in-house team of engineers and R&D professionals who are constantly engaged in upgrading its product ranges to keep abreast with global best standards and offer its clientele the best always in terms of manufacturing, longevity and after sales services.

PROLITE exports to 26 countries today and the list keeps growing. The USP of Harsha Joshi’s business empire is that all products are manufactured indigenously and there is near zero dependence on outside agencies all along the assembly line. Prolite today, has 11 offices in India and a dealership network of 60 plus across the country. The company is also in the process of creating a dealership network beyond  Indian shores.

Harsha Joshi is a member of several communities and prestigious bodies such as NSC,FPAI,FSAI,ECAM and ISLE to name a few. In line with the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and clean energy drive, Prolite is already making strides in solar lighting, addressable smart lights and state of the art product ranges.

Harsha Joshi is also gifted with a keen eye for detail, a sense of humor and has the knack of mingling and mixing with people easily and making friends at will. It is this unique quality that has helped him along his journey both in business and in personal life.

Harsha’s visit to Germany is also spurred by his keen interest to learn about and acquire newer technologies and apply them to his product ranges where required. His aim as always, is to continue to improve and evolve as a businessman and as a human being. Because success is never an accident, it is always a result of hard work and enterprise in one’s chosen field. Harsha Joshi believes in it and so he is what he is today.

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