Prolite is in the business of saving lives, lives that are at perpetual risk due to the negligence and ignorance of people who are legally and morally supposed to know.

As our promoters or distributors, you already know that enclosed spaces must have emergency lights and signs and that too, of certain specifications as mandated by NBC. And you also know that most people, other than developers, builders and architects are not aware of the rules and the fine print. This is what encourages the building, construction related fraternity to save a few bucks by not providing for even minimum adequate exigency tools which they are LEGALLY OBLIGED TO DO, right at the time the first brick is laid for any construction.

This sounds stupid, but it is an unfortunate fact that a handful are saving, and even making, big money on the ignorance of their own clientele by putting their lives at risk in the bargain. Therefore, it is important and wise for those who want to increase sales of safety products to make the general public aware of this and how they need to insist on having full safety guarantee before they purchase, rent or occupy any form of enclosed premises.

Running small awareness workshops for your district, mohalla or community, aligning with fire safety programs and drills and encouraging common people to attend, putting up posters about this subject, will automatically boost sales and the people you educate will become your sales force. Prolite does this regularly for common people, as well as for professionals, corporates and anyone willing to listen. If you take that extra step, you will not only make better sales but also do the people and the country a whole lot of good. 


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