Wayfinding signs are necessary and indeed vital in places such as Bus terminals, Ports, Airports, Runways, Pathways, Railways and Metros to name a few. A Power outage at the precise time when a plane is coming to land or a ship to dock, may be disastrous without guiding lighted signages. With conventional slave luminaires collectively dependent on a ‘parent’ generator such an eventuality is always possible if the link breaks somewhere in between. But with “elegante” self-contained emergency signages having battery back-up, the way would light up in less than a second and save the situation. In bustling public places, wayfinding signages can guide people to toilets, ticket windows, restrooms, food counters, chemist stores etc. and make it easy for people not familiar with the area to easily move about and get their things done in quick time. Today, the world is witnessing global turbulence with a war on in Ukraine which seems to linger on. In times like these emergency wayfinding signage solutions become all the more vitally relevant and important.


Prolite’s “elegante” provides both single sided openable fascia and double-sided openable fascia to facilitate on-the-spot repair and maintenance convenience if and when the need may arise. Also, these signages can be suspended, free standing, flag mounted or even floor embedded as suitable for any location or position.


These defining features of this range are:

  • Self-contained Emergency light
  • Battery backed-up
  • Variable size options
  • Sleek, with thickness of just 50mm
  • Multiple installation options
  • Design Versatility
  • Changeable graphics
  • Modular in nature
  • Edge to edge uniform illumination
  • Weather resistant and tough
  • Economically comfortable
  • And finally, the solar operated option is also available.


In small ports or helipads etc. a slave luminaire would require complex wiring infrastructure to power a limited number of wayfinding signages. Adding fuel storage and usage costs the option would be fairly expensive to run and maintain. However, Prolite’s “elegante” series would not only be independent and self-contained with a quicker reaction time but also prove comparatively cheaper to install and maintain. So stop being a slave any longer and become upgraded and hands-free with “elegante”.



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