Bulkhead lights are a breed apart. They are the ‘Rambo’ lights of the illumination family. Forgotten, abandoned and practically disowned. No one knows who manufactured that reminiscent of World War 2 that feebly lights up in a desolate tunnel even today so long as it has a live wire up its… backside.

Rambo, as the legend goes is sent into hostile territory with guns and then disowned. He has no way out and no way back but is destined to keep shooting till the bullets run out. Bulkhead lights are something like that. Fitted in tunnels, coal mines and godforsaken hell holes where darkness is the norm. Sometimes wearing a wire mesh helmet and ready to take on dust, rats, gushing water and everything else thrown at it. The guy who manufactured it is probably dead a century and the company.. Company? What company? Who knows and who cares.

Then along comes PROLITE. They decide that this poor guy needs a dad at least. So they manufacture the next gen Bulkhead light and own it. Prolite’s rechargeable bulkhead light is a useful tool which has grown and evolved with time. It is today, a unique and innovative emergency light unit that is suitable for variable wattage. It is dustproof, waterproof and moisture proof.

It is a pathway indicator and can be surface mounted in locations like parking lots, passageways, corridors and the like. It has a 3 hour battery backup and offers protection against water jetting and solid foreign objects as well.

So what we now have is something, bigger, tougher and nastier than Rambo. Welcome.. The Incredible Hulk.

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