The OSH India expo in Mumbai was an impressive showcasing of safety preparedness and the gadgets and gizmos that help keep people safe, particularly at the workplace.


 Prolite Autoglo made an impressive impression at the jamboree and people got a glimpse of safe exigency products and protocols. There is greater awareness now, about the need for safe exit options in desperate hours and the NBC provisions as well. The footfalls at Prolite pleasantly surprised the staff in attendance and long conversations and demonstrations of emergency lights and signages were a regular and almost continuous affair at the kiosk.


What is clear is that most people do not take care to provide foolproof exigency options in enclosed spaces despite the NBC norms being clear about the non-negotiability of such provisions, not so much due to ignorance, but due to expediency and cost considerations. This penchant for misplaced priorities have claimed many precious lives and sadly, will continue to do so until an antidote is found for this virus that appears deeply embedded in many otherwise evolved brains.


Today, many state governments have come down heavily on all and sundry when fires have caused damage and death due to non-availability of bare basic safety options and poor logistical support. In recent times hospitals and nursing homes have been victims of major fire accidents across the country and this has triggered a backlash that is hurting the builders, developers, architects, owners and planners badly.


In the backdrop of this OSH Expo naturally gathered greater footfalls and curiosity, which is the silver lining to the ghastly cloud of neglect and apathy that is witnessed in disaster struck locations too often.


Prolite has been a regular in participating in such events and taking the message of safety to the people. But this year, the response at the stall was certainly extremely heartening and gives rise to the hope that change is actually happening.


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