It is frustrating to say again and again, that signages and pointers are vital life savers in fire situations. When smoke billows, visibility is poor and especially when the people trapped may not be familiar with the premises concerned. One wrong turn could mean certain death and one right turn could be a life saver.  One eyewitness speaking to Republic TV channel on the Kamala Mills fire tragedy that killed 14, said that the exit point was NOT DEMARCATED so the patrons in panic had no clue which way to go to escape.

PROLITE has always made it a mission to adapt with times and changing nature of threats to offer the best solutions for safe evacuation and quick exigency in desperate situations. This time around, for the very first time in India, PROLITE has introduced a virtual reality presentation whereby an individual with the use of an advanced computer generated program, can actually find oneself in alternative scenarios of being trapped in an office or a hotel room with lights and signs absent and then again, with them in place. This presentation is so realistic to the individual that he or she can actually ‘experience’ both scenarios while looking through special glasses and see the result in both cases. In pitch dark, the individual keeps bumping into things with no clue which way to turn and ultimately gets consumed by the fire. In the second scenario, he or she is guided by signs and lights all along to the nearest exit and easily and quickly walks out to safety.

Anyone who wants to have this ‘experience’ can contact us and we would be glad to oblige. The objective is not to scare someone or terrorize someone but to allow an individual to appreciate that if, god forbid, he or she were to actually face such a scenario how easy it would be to escape to safety when the proper tools are in place- to practically ‘hand hold’ a person and lead the person out in quick time from a desperate situation.


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