The use of signs remains the most effective and direct communication tool with people in absentia. From times immemorial the use of signs has been prevalent in society and while evolution and modernization has changed the nature of signages their utility has only increased with time.

When we close our eyes and think of signs, large placards screaming “KEEP OFF THE GRASS” or “BEWARE OF DOG” easily come to mind. How effective the message was and how clear to everyone.  But with the new age came newer concepts. Illumination of signs with electricity, batteries or just ‘glow’ paints began to emerge. These signs were visible from further away and also in darkness.

Today, the safety and security industry uses signages heavily to instruct, warn and inform. PROLITE AUTOGLO has earned a niche nook in the business of signages of all types for all purposes. It is today an Indian company with the largest sheer range of different signs available on demand. Photoluminescent signs for exigency purposes and disaster management, reflective signs for roads and tunnels, path finding signs such as arrows etc. or just architectural signs for miscellaneous purposes-Prolite has it all.

Prolite’s strategy has been to move with the times and even ahead of the times when it comes to signages. R&D keeping with global developments and changing situations has kept the company on top at all times with the competition playing ‘catch up’.

With Covid has come a huge and urgent demand for a new range of safety and directional signages. Ignorance remains the single most villainous culprit in the spread of covid. Hence, signs become of paramount importance in keeping a check. Warnings to keep the mask on, directing people to the nearest wash basin or sanitizing point, stopping people at points to check them before they proceed and so on. Different locations, institutions, organizations or even private homes and villas desperately need to install covid protective signages. Areas where strangers loiter or there is heavy footfall desperately need strategically installed signs to check the spread of the deadly virus.

Prolite thus becomes the ‘one stop shop’ for covid related signages in all shapes, sizes and materials. And whats more? Prolite offers consultancy on the nature and placement of signages for specific purposes making it easier for the client to get just the right product for the right purpose at the right price.

Prolite is always waiting.

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