If you have seen bollywood films, especially of the older days, the staircase has often been an integral part of the storyline. The staircase is associated with pain, suffering and falls. In the film “Ram aur Shyam”, the pivotal episode is when the hero beats the villain with a belt. The whole beating is filmed on a staircase with the villain going up the staircase to escape the beating and falling down the staircase while the belting is on.

Similarly, in films, so many pregnant women have lost their offspring falling off a staircase and old men have had heart attacks on the staircase and come tumbling down. In some cases, the fall erases the poor guy's memory and another fall brings it all back. That fall usually marks a turning point in the storyline.

So are staircases as dangerous as they seem? There must be a reason why the staircase in Bollywood can be a bigger villain than the main villain and cause more pain in a matter of seconds than the main villain can in the whole film. Actually, that is true, staircases can be dangerous, especially in darkness when anybody can misjudge the step and end up injured or even dead. But staircases are there for ease of movement and locomotion on feet, but darkness is a killer. Prolite Autoglo has two specific products -Anti skid stair nosing and Stair tread illumination to ensure that the staircase villain is defanged for good.

Anti-skid stair nosing ensures that the periphery of each step is clearly visible as one can see in the images (ADD IMAGES) . Additionally, the anti-skid surface makes it slip-proof. Because while you may see the edges clearly in the dark, what if there is some water or smoothness that causes a person to slip?  Stair tread illumination offers visibility with clear orientation and direction to the viewer- both in normal as well as emergency lighting conditions.

Prolite has written an original script where the villainous staircase has a change of heart and becomes a hero for everyone. No slips, no skids, no falls and no injuries. Reform the killer in your premises forever, with Prolite’s anti-skid stair nosing and Stair tread illumination.

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