Even as Prolite Autoglo has crossed 3 decades in the business of emergency lighting and safe exigency products, the learning process never ends. The company only recently got another feather in its cap winning the “Certificate of Appreciation” for innovation for the 2nd time. This award is from Divya Media Publications Pvt Ltd under the name “Engineering Excellence Awards”.

Prolite Autoglo is a movement that is relevant across segments – be it commercial or residential, hence it is a huge canvas. Senior veteran Jaidev Sandaji, who has been the face of Prolite in various outings such as Exhibitions, Conferences and Presentations for decades reveals that his recent experiences at WAREMAT Exhibition held on 9th -11th Sept in Chennai and FIRE INDIA Exhibition held on 15th-17th Sept in Gandinagar, gave him a new perspective on the business which he has graciously shared. “WAREMAT is a platform focused on warehousing and logistics, not the kind of forum Prolite normally features in, but we took a small stall there just to test the waters. I was surprised to learn that many in the city never even knew that products such as ours were available in India and were actually importing them at high prices from abroad”, says Jaidev Sandaji.

He said that while Prolite may concentrate on obvious target markets, safety was a universal feature and so the company got a rousing reception and generated lot of enquiries and enthusiasm in the new arena, something he did not quite expect. The number of visitors were less compared to other exhibitions, but it was a virgin market of sorts for the company.

“The exhibitions we normally participate in are where people already know us and the focus is on “what’s new” or “what else.” But here people were not even aware about us and our work. It was a learning experience in the sense that I realized that we needed to venture into unknown waters to improve public awareness about safety and NBC norms while adding on to our client base too in the bargain”.

“Our products are such that they can be of use in any and every industry or segment”, says Jaidevji, “Jewellery segment, for example, will need Safety and Security as much as warehousing and logistics or any other”.

Fire India, says Sandaji, had huge potential for Prolite. Firstly, Gujarat is a hugely industry-centric state with MNC’s queuing up to enter there. MNC’s, says Sandaji, are very particular about legalities in doing business and hence are less likely to forego basic NBC guidelines as compared to locals who are seen flouting them in most cases. Prolite got great response there and the outing was hugely productive for the company.


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