The central battery model or inverter model as it was earlier known, is still widely in use and popular in emergency lighting. Here, a central power source, I,e a battery, is installed to power a series of emergency lights in the case of a blackout or power failure. However, as times change, everything must evolve and adapt. Going by that principle, Prolite has now added a new concept of self contained emergency lighting solutions for greater security and safety at all times.

The basic flaw with the inverter model is that if the battery backup mechanism is disabled or fails, all the lights that draw from it will become useless. In a panic situation where people may be trapped in a fire, such a failure can prove fatal and disastrous. Loss of precious lives and property would be too high a price to pay if that happens.

But the problem is easily solved with Prolite’s new self contained lighting solution. Here, each individual light has its own battery which is compact, easily hidden from view and yet ensures maximum efficiency in a blackout or power failure situation. Not only is it more convenient, it does not interfere with the aesthetics of the premises even if fitted after the same has been completed and in use. This means, that in case lights are already installed, Prolite’s converter kit can be fitted on to make it a dual purpose instrument, i.e. a normal light in ideal conditions and an emergency light if power fails.

So if you are still at construction stage or you already have your lights installed, make doubly sure with Prolite’s self contained battery back-up solutions. It’s tomorrow’s solution available to you today.

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