Prolite- Because your life could depend on it!

What if you are in a situation more serious than a simple power failure? What if the cause of darkness or poor visibility is smoke caused by fire? What if that place is not even your own and you are unfamiliar with the premises? What if panic sets in and in the darkness you collide with obstacles or get caught in a stampede? And what if there is no emergency lighting system installed? How long does it take for smoke to suffocate you to death?
Difficult and scary questions indeed, but we need to ask them now because if it happens, we would most probably have no time left to find those answers. And it could happen right now, even as you read this.
All of us, at some time or the other, have found ourselves in pitch darkness, in power failures. What is our first knee jerk instinct? It is the effort to SEE in that darkness. Of all our senses, the sense of sight is the primary instinct in any difficult or even panic situation. Therefore, if in our effort to see we chance upon a bright light or a sign we rush towards it and look for a way out from there. At home, most of us keep candles or a flashlight in places where we can reach them easily if lights fail. So if ‘seeing’ in the dark is the question-PROLITE AUTOGLO is certainly the answer.
Emergency lights are vital in public places so that people can be expatriated safely at times of crisis without panic. Due to this, bright and visible sign boards in prescribed size and color are installed at exit gates or exit routes. Theaters, commercial buildings, educational institutions, healthcare centers, residential buildings, industrial buildings, and manufacturing plants are required to be equipped with emergency lights. It should be positioned at places such as escape routes, at change of directions in the escape route, corridors, elevators, near first aid spots, staircases, and at changes in floor level.
PROLITE AUTOGLO is today, one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of a humongous range of photoluminescence safety signages and emergency lights suitable for all purposes. PROLITE also exports its product ranges to different counties and with its own in-house engineering team, provides swift and efficient after sales services to its customers in India. Also, PROLITE provides the requisite consultancy at the pre construction stage and accurately identifies and pinpoints the locations of each light and each sign, in conformity with the latest prescribed standards.
“Our large, and continuously growing list of satisfied customers bear testimony to our commitment to ensuring the best attention to the minutest of detail. This means that whenever you need us we, at PROLITE, are always willing to step in at any stage, to supply, install and if necessary, improve upon your signage and lighting requirements”, says a Prolite engineer on the sidelines of ELECRAMA 2018.
“My experience started in 1984, being a trader in the electrical field I entered the field of emergency lighting and I had no idea what it was at that time”, says Harsha Joshi, pioneer and CEO, PROLITE AUTOGLO as he goes down memory lane. Since then it has been a fascinating journey and a learning experience, according to Joshi.

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