PROLITE Autoglo Ltd. is the first ISO 9001:2015 Certified Indian Emergency Exit/ Egress Route Lighting Systems’ manufacturer in R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Maintenance in the country. The company was also awarded ‘The Most Innovative Product Company’ in a Fire India show and exports it's world class product range to over 30+ countries.

The company’s aims, objectives and vision help promote the PM’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’ initiatives and as such, it sets an example for others to follow. The company never took outside help to manufacture, design or create but relied on in-house R&D to come up with its awesome range of 300 plus products in emergency lights and photoluminescent and other signages.

The company trained its own staff as well as others through awareness initiatives to promote best safety standards and educate all concerned about safe exigency and related safety protocols. At the same time, it kept its ear to the ground and remained in step with the highest global safety standards in manufacturing its product ranges. Prolite products are shaped to suit the NBC standards and prescribed fire safety protocols at all times so those establishments seeking licences, fire safety certification and similar permissions anywhere in the country can safely contact the company and get free consultation and buy the right products to be fully legally compliant with all safety requirements.



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