Prolite Autoglo Evolution

Company Profile:
? “PROLITE” Emergency Lighting Systems/Exit Lights, Emergency Conversion Kits, Spot
Lights, Search Lights etc. 
? “AUTOGLO” Photoluminescent Signages, Safety Signs, Tapes, Route Markers, and Escape
Route Plan, Safety Posters & Low Location Lighting (LLL).
Prolite Autoglo Limited is in the business of manufacture and marketing of various types of
Emergency Lights/Lighting Systems. The company presently manufactures more than 100 Models
in the lighting systems’ category and is in the process of developing newer products all the time to
satisfy the growing demand in this segment. The company also manufactures products on order to
satisfy specific and/or unique requirements when called upon to do so. Prolite’s range of
Emergency Lights are state of the art and manufactured as per IS Specifications.
Prolite’s “AUTOGLO” range of Signages are wholly manufactured in-house and this includes
processes such as: Designing, Screen Printing & U.V. Curing. Made to order products too are
manufactured in quick time in line with customers’ requirements. These include Safety Signs,
Tapes, Route Markers, and Escape Route Plan & Low Location Lighting (LLL) etc. Products can be
manufactured on any base like Rigid PVC, Acrylic & Aluminium as required. DRDO Pune has
certified “GLOW” quotient of our products in complete darkness for 100 hours.
Emergency Lighting/Exit Signs and similar aids cannot be dispensed with and are inescapable
necessities in enclosed spaces where people gather. Emergency Signs are a MUST in almost all such
places be it a Residential, Commercial or industrial  locations, Factories, Banks, Theatres, Public
Auditorium, Hospitals, Subways, Airports, Various Government and Semi-Government
Undertakings, Public and Private Sector Organizations and Establishments. Fire audit and other
mandatory requirements have become the rule and the norm today as accidents come without
warning and protection of life and limb becomes the top priority. Prevention always being better
than cure, it is imperative that due importance be placed on the installation of relevant lighting and
signages wherever required. Prolite today, exports its range of products to more than 22 countries Worldwide. They are
manufactured to the best of international standards & under strict technical supervision. Prolite’s
products conform to rigid quality control standards. Despite achieving great progress in the lighting
field over decades, constant and absolute power supply cannot be guaranteed all the time.
Therefore there can be no escape from power failures and accidents and preparations for such
eventualities have to be made. Prolite exists just for that pupose.
Prolite manufactures Exit/Emergency Egress Route Lighting Systems for practically all
requirements and locations. With an increasing range of models, the company is the first in the
country to rank as an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company in the fields of R&D, Manufacturing,
Marketing and Maintenance in the Exit/Emergency/Egress route Lighting segment.
The design excellence of our products is achieved by long and constant in-house Research and
Development. Optimum solutions have been tailored to support constantly changing conditions
of living. Prolite, as a part of its evolution, has adopted this principle and has lived by it.
Harsha Joshi founded the company in 1984 and firmly established the brand in the Indian
market, whilst using the catalogues as a medium to do so. He has been actively involved in
launching new product ranges (Solar lights, addressable smart lights, etc.) in line with changing
times and priorities. He is also a member of various communities such as the NSC, FPAI, FSAI,
Alka Joshi co-founded Prolite in 1984. Her first biggest order was for the CBI, in 1987, followed
by a pan India deal with the beverage giant, Coca Cola, in 1995. Alka also played a crucial role in
signing a deal with ITPL (International Technology Park), thus finding way into their
International vendor list by supplying lights for the rest of their projects.
Varun Joshi joined Prolite in 2005. He showed great promise at the outset and contributed
immensely to expanding the reach and adding to the growth of the company ever since. He
keenly followed the business and the mindset of people in the safety industry. This helped him
to come up with newer ranges of smart & user-friendly products.

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