Planning is about prioritizing, making choices


A popular saying goes, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Life, after all, is all about working
towards goals. Long term goals could be career choices, investments and the like while short a
term goal could be what you would like to eat at lunch.  In both cases, it is always wiser to
prepare in advance.
Another saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”, but when it was, the builders must have had
the foresight to build strong fundamentals to ensure that the city would withstand rough weather,
assault by enemies or other calamities. The plans for drainage and sewage must have been
carefully calculated and plotted much before even the first brick was laid. That is probably why
it still stands today.
Today, in this modern day and age, the same basic principle applies, and all the more because
even those who built mighty Rome could not have factored in newer threats like terror, climate
change or nuclear holocaust in that bygone era. Earthquakes or tremors for example, were rarer
just 3 odd decades earlier but today, the fault lines have widened mostly due to man’s own follies
and Mother Nature’s resultant fury. Terrorism claimed a structure as resolute as the twin towers
and today melting icebergs and unexplained, rapid weather changes have become more frequent.
Hence, the quality of planning today has to be much more refined and accurate than ever before.
When you plan to build a colony, a building complex, a hospital, a supermarket or even your
own house, you need hugely more complex and in-depth study and great foresight beforehand, to
ensure that the end product is strong, durable and safe at all levels.
At PROLITE AUTOGLO, advance planning is a habit and we burn much midnight oil dreaming
up convoluted doomsday scenarios and trying to design preventives in our wide and ever
expanding ranges of emergency lights and photoluminescent signages. Today, there are very
strict directives in place from the fire department and other government bodies governing the
quality and quantities of emergency lighting, safety signs and related paraphernalia for newer
constructions and many of them are applicable to older ones also. We are always at hand to offer
real time updated information and advice on these to anyone who needs to know. So if you are
an architect, a builder or a developer constructing, or planning to construct any structure or
structures, we could help take half the planning responsibilities off your head and provide you
the very best and most suitable solutions at reasonable prices too. We help you plan well in
advance exactly what your edifice will need - both in the shorter and longer term.  Think about it,
we are just a phone call away no matter where in the world you may be sitting right now.

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