Today, it is 06/05/2020, the third day of the renewed lockdown extension. From the Indian perspective, we are perhaps as confused today as we were when the first lockdown was thrust upon the country.

While the numbers show we have delayed the pandemic spread compared to less fortunate nation states, there is no way we can rule out an aggravation at this stage which could nullify all potential gains. Two significant setbacks have put a spanner in India’s works. One, the Tablighi mischief and two, the disastrous decision to open liquor shops.

The famous ‘curve’ that we wanted to flatten has not flattened which is a big setback, but in the time gained, we have managed to secure better medical equipment and strategic tools to fight the onslaught and are better prepared for the swell in numbers that we can expect in days to come.

However, statistics have a way of misleading the best of brains and are certainly not an infallible barometer of success or failure. Certain pockets in the country have shown amazing recovery figures and raise hopes that we can attack the spread sector wise and perhaps yet win the war.

We are too populous a country spread out across huge and diverse areas and locales to hope for a ‘One size fits all’ solution. Every part of India comes with its own set of peculiarities and logistical and topographical complexities and an unprecedented pandemic like Corona which has the mightiest of the mightiest on its knees already, is serious cause for concern indeed.


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