Shopping is such a passion that shoppers of all ages can be seen crowding malls and shopping arcades 24x7. The elderly, the infirm and the toddlers are all there. So how safe are they from physical hurt in case something goes wrong?

In enclosed public spaces such as shopping malls or arcades National Building Code (NBC) has certain safety protocols which are non-negotiable. Licenses and permits can only be issued after due diligence and minute inspection of safety protocols. Dumping stuff and blocking exits or allowing the locks to rust so that the door does not open in the critical moments of fire or stampede or blackout emergencies, is a strict No-No. Safety exit doors and pre-decided congregation venues in emergency situations need to be usable and available 24x7. 

Many of us have seen how a slip on a staircase has altered the storyline in Bollywood films. In fact, the treacherous staircase often becomes the main villain. Prolite has written an original script where the villainous staircase has a change of heart and becomes a hero for everyone. No slips, no skids, no falls and no injuries.

Enclosed shopping arcades, buildings or spaces also see huge footfalls and so the staircases need special safety add-ons besides conventional signs and directional signs. Prolite, the unchallenged leader in safe exigency and escape route solutions, has devised a product range to make the staircase a safer option and a better one too. Staircase Nosing is an all-purpose stair safety product which provides a finely corrugated and serrated surface to avoid skidding and a photoluminescent band to light up the steps in pitch darkness.  This nosing can cover the periphery of the step end-to-end and give it a metal cover so that it cannot break either at the edges or anywhere along the periphery.

In darkness or poor light, the staircase will stand illuminated all along, covering the length and breadth of each step to outline the steps and allow easy movement in zero visibility. An all-encompassing Illumination and fall safety solution which only Prolite’s stair safety product range provides is the best any market place can have.

Prolite has a specific range of lift and elevator signages that make it safer for people who go shopping in malls and enclosed market places. They also manufacture portable tower lights for maintenance of escalators and elevators. For escalators specifically, Prolite manufactures signages and emergency lights for the ceiling. Besides all that, the company has also introduced one of the sleekest Emergency lights meant for the lift cabin.

Prolite’s products conform strictly to the codes and are ideal for installation in such spaces. Prolite’s EXIT signs are most helpful as are the photoluminescent signs and lights that illuminate safety tools like fire extinguisher and alarm button so that they become instantly visible in pitch darkness or smoke haze conditions.

So, if safety of shoppers is your plight, you just got to get it right, play it safe, get Prolite.



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