INFINTE EMERGENCY LIGHT- Tomorrow’s solution today.



Prolite Autoglo Ltd. has been known for its innovative and pioneering work. As times change, so do needs of safety at various locations. Prolite Autoglo is pleased to announce the arrival of its new innovation called INFINITE emergency light.


The literally ‘never ending’ infinite emergency light is an idea where in the case of power failure some lights remain unaffected while some shut down along a linear sequence of lights.

Infinite also means that this product is a flexible and versatile one where it can cover not just square feet but square miles if required. The product, is tubular and is actually a series of luminaires serially placed along a given length. The length is not limited, hence the name. But not all the luminaires installed are slave luminaires here. Some of the lights installed are actually maintained/non-maintained emergency lights that do not die in case of a power failure.


This product can be hugely helpful in railway tunnels, highway tunnels, passages, godowns, aerodromes, terminuses or similar locations where power failures can bring visibility down to zero in an instant causing huge problem in visibility and mobility. In mines and underground facilities, this could be just what the doctor ordered.



  • Ingress Protection (IP) 65. Dust proof /Water proof and weather proof.
  • Flexibility in operations Maintained and non-maintained.
  • Flame retardant body.
  • 3 hours battery backup duration
  • Possible Shapes- L, Z,T, N,X,Y and similar linear permutations and combinations.
  • Illumination throw (Lumen output) : 150 lumens/watt
  • Both mains and emergency options will be available with this product.


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