Prolite Autoglo Ltd. Has been known and even awarded for its innovative work. As times change, so do needs of safety at various locations. Prolite Autoglo is pleased to announce the arrival of its pioneering innovation called the INFINITY light.

The literally ‘never ending’ infinity light idea where in the case of power failure some lights remain unaffected while some shut down along a linear sequence of lights is a boon for tunnels or passages as well as godowns or similar locations where power failures can cause huge problems in visibility. Infinity also sends out the message that this product is a flexible type where it can cover not just square feet but miles if required. The product, as shown in the picture, is tubular and is actually a series of luminaires serially placed along a given length. But not all the luminaires are slave luminaires here. Along the line some of the lights are actually maintained emergency lights that light the pathway when the power is on but do not die in case of a power failure. That way, total darkness will not engulf any length or breadth of mileage covered by Infinity light and even if there is a blackout, the emergency lights will continue to show people the way in such an event.

This product can be hugely helpful in railway tunnels or highway tunnels where vehicles move along long distances illuminated by artificial light by night or day. Similarly, this can be used in godowns and workshops too, particularly large and spacious areas where people may be at work and a power failure may bring visibility down to zero in an instant. In mines and underground facilities, this could be just what the doctor ordered.

Finally, it may be noted and understood that this product is an exclusive Prolite Autoglo product and any attempt to copy or imitate it in part or full by any other manufacturer would invite legal proceedings and prosecution.  



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