Importance of Auditorium Lights

The entire concept of safety as related to emergency/egress route lighting and illumination is dependent on the nature of possible dangers and threats the relevant area(s) might pose. Therefore, PROLITE adopts the policy of “different horses for different courses” and prepares products that could typically be ideal for any given area, enclosure or open space.

In line with that philosophy PROLITE brings you the Auditorium Series comprising EXIT signs and staircase lighting typically relevant to auditoriums and stadia where events are mostly held in pitch darkness.

‘ EXIT’ lights are fitted atop doors to direct crowds to move purposefully and easily, often in pitch darkness as in the case of Auditoriums, Cinema halls etc. While EXIT lights come in green as well as red colors, Auditorium Series recommends the Red option for such enclosures as they do not distract the audience mid performance and are symbolic in sending a safety message.

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