Almost every other day we read and find out through media releases that some fire accident or similar mishap somewhere had claimed so many lives. When fire accidents take place they do make news, though not necessarily headline news, most of the time.  But every now and then, a Kamala mills incident or the equally horrific coaching class fire accident in Gujarat shocks our collective consciousness and gives up a wakeup call of sorts, about how lax we have been in observing even basic fire safety protocols even in high sprofile urban localities.

But the question that we need to ask is - Are human lives just about statistics and figures? Or do we need to rethink our priorities as human beings living, and hopefully evolving, in civilized society?

Prolite Autoglo decided more than 30 years ago that protecting human life is the priority that scores over everything else. All these years, we have been manufacturing, developing and improving upon our own products. Evolving and changing with the times and upgrading our services too, to serve the cause of saving human lives in critical situations where minutes and seconds separate life and death. Even in these Covid times, we have been at work to bring you a whole range of signages to warn and educate people on how to remain safe and protected from the deadly virus while going about our daily duties.

Unfortunately, while it is easy to quantify the death figures in fire or blackout situations where people have succumbed, it is impossible to put a number to how many survived because when the tragedy brought darkness, our emergency lights came on and our pathfinding photoluminescent signages guided the trapped souls out in the quickest time before death could consume them.

Ours is a thankless job because when a man caught in a fire got the advantage of lights coming on immediately and the added advantage of glowing signs guiding them to the nearest exit, they probably thanked God when they were safely out. They forgot to thank us.

So how many lives has Prolite saved in the 30 plus years? No way can we put a number to that. But if we have managed to save even ONE in all these years, we can say with pride that ours is a success story. That is our spirit and that is exactly what we mean when we say “We don’t take it lightly”.


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