Prolite wishes all of you and your families and near dear ones a very happy 75th Independence Day.


We heard the PM’s rousing speech where he spelt out the need for people to participate in the collective fight against social ills like corruption and nepotism. But as an organization dedicated to safety, we, at Prolite would like to urge people to also fight collectively against the cancer of ignorance which causes needless loss of scores of pr

ecious lives and resources across the country due to fire accidents, blackouts and similar disasters.


It is our ignorance that encourages unscrupulous builders, architects and planners to build and sell us unsafe buildings without even basic safety protocols as mandated by the NBC and get away every time. It is our ignorance that we cannot ensure that people trapped in enclosed spaces in dying seconds cannot find a safe exit in time and die grisly deaths, it is our ignorance that when we move into our new apartment or office or showroom or any place, we don’t have a clue that the place is dangerously unsafe till correct and accurate fire safety and exigency features are not in place, it is our ignorance that we do not see the need to participate in the programs of the fire brigade regularly conducts where common folk are taught and trained to combat extreme situations with proper knowledge of the basic drills of fire safety that every last person should know.


This Independence Day let us resolve to become responsible citizens and wipe out ignorance and embrace awareness. The PM is doing great work but while we are proud of our country and its progress in 75 years, we cannot be genuinely in participation if we do not change ourselves and make that little extra effort that can save the lives of others and our own when seconds separate life and death.



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