Many believe that the origin of the deadly Corona strain that has brought the world to its knees actually began with bats-rather, the Chinese eating bats. This may or may not be entirely true but for sure, symbolically speaking, it is the blindness of humanity that has caused this strain to strike-blindness that is typical of bats.

When we ignore the impending signs that indicate danger ahead, when we do not see the light in time, we are heading for an accident for sure. Therefore being safe at all times, being aware of the dangers lurking in the corners is something each one of us need to practice. We, at ProliteAutoglo always believed this, right when we began our journey to illuminate and illustrate the path to safety from enclosed spaces in any emergency some 35 years ago. We decided to excel in both lights AND signs. And we have lived our promise ever since.

PROLITE today, exports to 23 countries worldwide besides having established a pan-India presence. Today, PROLITE has a presence in any corner of India you may think of, and our service offices and franchisees are in permanent growth mode. PROLITE manufactures its own products in-house and even before the ‘Make in India’ campaign, PROLITE internalized that maxim in its own backyard.

PROLITE AUTOGLO takes pains to ensure that its clients are always protected, in every way, legally and practically, should God forbid, they suffer any such mishap. We advise our clients and inform them about the concurrent legal basics involved as we provide them with comprehensive safety solutions in the shape of emergency lighting paraphernalia, signages and related products. We at PROLITE have studied the history of such accidents and their fallout worldwide and accordingly molded our strategies. Our products are a result of such deep studies and our R&D is based precisely on that. We are also alive to situations which are totally new and have also actually manufactured products shaped on specific needs of some of our clients.


Speaking of signages and markers how many of us know that since the introduction of the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations in 1996 in Britain, there has been a downward trend in the number of fatal work-related injuries. In 1996 there were 0.9 fatal injuries per every 100,000 workers, in 2017 the figure is 0.4. Isn’t that a step worth emulating here in India?

A MUST to ensure protection in conditions of poor visibility or darkness is the photoluminescent or ‘glow’ sign/marker. Photoluminescence occurs when a material absorbs photons (light energy) and emits them when the light source is removed. This is commonly seen in ‘glow-in-the-dark’ objects such as childrens’ toys. When this is applied to safety signs it helps provide guidance in darkened conditions. 

In addition to their cost effectiveness, the eco-friendly signs help reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and corporations. Enterprises will have different requirements for their signage and some may choose to use electrical signage. However, having fire exit and hazard signs lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they will contribute to the fuel costs of a company. A photoluminescent sign only needs a good source of light to work.


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