Fire safety- What we want to do and what we have to do

Let’s face it life gives us just two sets of real choices when it comes to any action to be taken in any situation. What we want to do and what we have to do. The second option obviously trumps the first one and yet many still choose the first and end up suffering at leisure most often.


This choice becomes stark when it comes to fire safety. Fire safety must begin with awareness, and this awareness is not just those who are connected in some way to the subject, but to all right from the common housewife cooking in the kitchen to the common man smoking in his hall in a flat.


Awareness will not come to you; you need to seek it…unfortunately. You have to talk about the subject with Fire safety personnel in your immediate vicinity, take part in fire safety drills and lectures/ presentation that are conducted time to time by local fire safety bodies like Fire Brigade. This way, in a fire situation, you have clear idea what are the immediate steps to be taken to save lives and limit damage.


This is what we HAVE TO DO even if we may not WANT to do it.

“Rakh diya pistol tere samne ai yaar le, mujh se kar le dosti ya khud ko goli maar le.”



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