Fire Safety in Hospitals

 Ironies and paradoxes appeared to be piggybacking merrily upon each other if one were to read an interesting article on the fire safety preparedness of hospitals in Maharashtra. Statistics mentioned thread bared the worst kept secret about the functioning of medical facilities across the state. Make no mistake, if the same were dug out on all states across the country, the result would probably prove no less shocking.


Of 484 medical facilities audited 90 % did not have fire NOC's. 80% had never been through a fire safety audit and less than half had conducted fire safety drills. 


Medical facilities are under state scrutiny as an essential service and the ESIC hospital fire had exposed the state negligence only recently. Yet 10 roasted toddlers are a firm reminder that nothing has changed. 


The NBC has clearly defined fire safety guidelines starting from the construction stage itself for all enclosed spaces. From equipment to be installed/procured to exigency protocols it's all in there. Yet, if this is the state of hospitals what must it be for other residential or business/ storage facilities is anybody's guess.


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